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Life Without Kids is a positive, open community, created to support, celebrate and inspire women who don’t have children – for whatever reason.

We believe that stories can be powerful beyond measure.

“After telling my story and reading other people’s, I feel more comfortable with the idea that (having children) may not happen for me”  – Meegan
From women struggling with infertility to women who simply never wanted kids; from gay couples to women who would love to start a family but have not met the right person yet; from women wrestling with the ‘to have kids, or not’ decision, to women who have had that choice taken from them… each women’s truth, in her own words, can spark meaningful conversations, create life-affirming connections with others, and inspire self-acceptance, understanding and hope.

“I love the stories!  The ones that stand out most for me are the ones at the extremes in some ways – the agony of the women trying to conceive and failing, and the sheer joy expressed by those who absolutely knew they didn’t want children and lived their lives accordingly… This is a powerful resource to show all women that there are alternative takes on life” – Judy

These stories also help other people understand some of the often complex dynamics around not having kids, and open up conversations about how having kids is simply not the be-all-and-end-all for many women.

So join us on a journey around the world, as we share insight into the lives of the one in five women who don’t have kids.

Life Without Kids is for those who:

  • Aren’t yet sure if they want kids, and want to hear others’ stories and join in conversations, to help clarify their own feelings.
  • Have not been physically able to have kids, or are ‘socially childless’ (a term used when women haven’t found the right person and/or may have left it too late) and want to discover what a life without kids could look like
  • Have chosen or fully accepted their life without kids, and want to connect with other positive and inspiring women without kids

We believe that happiness can be contagious, and that it’s every women’s right to enjoy a rich, fulfilling and purposeful life – whatever that means for them.



Life Without Kids


  • Life Without Kids does not advocate that women should not have kids. Rather, we simply seek to share the stories of those who have not been able to have kids, or who genuinely don’t want to have kids. We do this to help, support and inspire other women; and to spark hope, self-acceptance, and greater societal understanding.
  • Every story shared is uncompromisingly authentic and written in the women’s own words. We feel strongly that the unfiltered truth must be shared, so people can form their own opinion about a life without kids, rather than basing their decisions and attitudes on unfounded fears or perceptions.
  • This is a positive, supportive community created especially for the 1 in 5 women in society who never have children. We reserve the right to delete any comments we feel are negative, insensitive or overly judgmental.


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